May 11 • 10M

the friendliness of now: may meditation

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Re-enchantment as daily practice, creativity with the ongoing experiment of living well in a changing world
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Maybe it is the lilacs bursting into bloom just feet from where I write this or something about the urgency in which I find myself needing moments of rest and filtering these days. In any case, if I am not being climbed by children or doing the endless things that make up a day you can almost certainly find me tucked away breathing and noticing it.

I find when I notice my breath, I notice my body. And when I notice my body I remember I am here, looking out a window at the changing seasons marveling at the just-rightness of the speed of the tulips blooming. I notice how learning to talk happens with the combination of physical skill and the imagination that anything could come out of your mouth and mean something! I notice that I feel and how often I feel hungry for stories, changing light, tickling toes.

This kind of noticing lets me be friendly with myself and my world. It offers a kind of balm to me and I hope it does for you too. This audio meditation is part of the new series of offerings slowly making their way out into the world. It will show up once a month for those of you who are paid subscribers. This months is for everyone to get us all started together. To the friendliness of noticing and what it may bring you.